Staying healthy and sane

I’m not sure about you, but I find it too easy to snack while I’m working on my computer. Every sugary or salty food starts to sound good, and it’s hand to mouth without paying much attention.

How to minimize snacking:

  1. Don’t eat in bed. Honestly keep food out of the bedroom if you can manage. It’s going to minimize cravings.
  2. If you’re hungry, have a glass of water first. This will make sure you’re actually hungry and not just bored.
  3. Eat and digest. You know when thanksgiving comes around, and it’s tradition to eat as fast as you can before your stomach catches up? Ya, don’t do that. If you take a minute to step back and let your body do it’s thing, you may find you’re not actually hungry anymore.

How to reduce stress:

I have notes and lists everywhere. This is both a good and bad thing, I will write the same events on a calendar, in my planner, and on a post-it note to keep track of everything. It’s kinda crazy. Here are some ideas I’m going to try to use to help myself destress:

  1. Realize that not everything in life is perfect. You can strive for perfection as hard as you can, but sometimes it’s unattainable. And what you can do, is good enough. You just may not see it.
  2. Focus on then good 
  3. Take time to do something for yourself. Right now I’m about 2 weeks from the end of my semester at school and finals week, and the projects are building up. Tomorrow, I’m going to take a break and go get my hair cut, because that is something I enjoy. Everything else can wait an hour.

And if we put these together, try not to stress eat. Go for a walk (or a run) and let it all out. You’re body and mind will thank you.


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