Seahawks Archery Club in Anacortes, Washington

seahawks archery club in Anacortes, Washington medals

Unfortunately, the club is no longer in operation. Thank you for many great years of archery Anacortes!

What was Seahawks Archery Club?

My family started Seahawks Archery Club in Anacortes, Washington in November of 2012. We started the club because we found ourselves shooting more than when we began, and we were growing tired of the commute to our local archery shop. We fixed the problem for a short while by shooting in our garage, but soon missed the conversation aspect to the sport. We started what is called a JOAD archery club, which is sanctioned by USA Archery. JOAD stands for Junior Olympic Archery Development, and this program has a great reward system to recognize growth in youth archers. My father and I both took a course to become certified archery instructors, we purchased equipment, and we were ready to go.

We have since grown the club from a couple of participants, to having over a hundred youths and adults participate in a event or open shooting.

Seahawks Archery was created to provide a good location for families to shoot together, especially during the winter when it becomes dark early on in the evening. We have been able to achieve this over the past years.

Here is an article about Seahawks Archery Club.

What were my responsibilities?

Over the years, I have been in charge of:

  • Organizing events
  • Marketing events
  • Maintaining social media feeds
  • Corresponding with participants or their guardians
  • Instructing and supervising during events