• Working as a professional whale watcher has some perks, like the beautiful sunsets.
Stephanie Rustad.

An ambitious student with a dream to be a web designer in Bozeman, Montana. Currently in her senior year at Montana State University, Stephanie is making big plans. After graduation, she will begin a program with Montana Code School. This will be a 12 week course with intensive coding that will be a fantastic experience. She is looking forward to it.

Stephanie is currently looking for her next opportunity. She is interested in all business aspects: marketing and management. After finishing the code school, she will be looking for a job that will challenge and help her grow as a coder.

Web Designer in Bozeman, Montana

Her greatest accomplishment so far is the formation and management of the not-for-profit Seahawks Archery Club. This is a family centered archery club in Anacortes, Washington.

She also manages and designs websites.

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Past professions for Stephanie include working for a whale watching company, as an archery technician and instructor, selling high-end teddy bears. Also, she has spent a lot of time working with people.

Currently employed at the ASMSU Daycare/ Preschool.

Stephanie is passionate about learning about people and the reasoning behind the decisions they make. She enjoys experimenting with new technology, and being creative.